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Building Community, Influence and Accountability
for our Waterfront.



The Barry Waterfront Community Residents Association (BWCRA) is here to support the residents of Barry Waterfront in helping to:

We are a voluntary organisation run by members. Membership to BWCRA is open to households on the Barry Waterfront. A map of the areas of the Waterfront we support is shown on the last page of our constitution. 


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If you are not ready to join us as a member, then why don't you Subscribe to our mailing list to keep in touch.  We will contact you with updates on what BWCRA is doing to support the community.  

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The information placed on this website is for information only, and although BWCRA tries to keep the information accurate and up to date, BWCRA cannot warrant the accuracy of the information, and users relying on it do so at their own risk without any right of redress to BWCRA its officers or others acting on its behalf in a voluntary capacity. 

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