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How do we build influence?

The Barry Waterfront Community Residents Association (BWCRA) was set up to give a voice to residents to help support the community.

We are here to lobby on behalf of the community to bring one voice for matters that concern the community. We are here to educate the community on issues and provide information. We are not here for enforcement, that is dealt with by the relevant authorities such as the council or police. 


To find out more about BWCRA click here



The voices you hear from BWCRA are member volunteers, who give their time to the committee and undertake their roles for free.
There are however costs associated with running BWCRA, costs to communicate with members, to run this Website, etc. 

For this reason we charge a membership fee to join, but do all we can to keep that fee to a minimum. To Join BWCRA click here


Membership Benefits

There are many benefits for BWCRA membership. These include being kept up to date with the work of BWCRA, discounts and prize draws. 

For more information on membership benefits click here

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