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Find out more about us and how we are working to make your neigbourhood a great place to live - better still, join us and become a community builder!

What's a Residents' Association?


The Barry Waterfront Community Residents Association (BWCRA) is a voluntary organisation made up of residents, whether freeholders, leaseholders, or tenants, from Phases 1, 2 and 3 on the Waterfront development in Barry. We choose to live here and we want to make this a great place to live and to work for everyone.

Who does the Residents Association represent?

We represent all the paid-up members of the Association. However, our events and most meetings are open to all residents on the Waterfront and our successes in negotiating with / bringing influence to bear upon the developers, the management company and elected representatives at all levels  benefit everyone in the area.

What are our goals?

This is the formal bit. BWCRA exists to:

  1. protect and advance the interests of all owners covered by the Association on matters concerning housing, the safety, environment, social, and the community life of the area

  2. encourage community spirit and to work towards the elimination of all forms of discrimination

  3. promote the interests and rights of home owners and tenants

  4. ensure that all members are consulted regularly and that all residents eligible for membership are encouraged to join

  5. preserve and support the facilities and amenities of the area

  6. help build a good relationship between residents and the duly appointed Management Company

  7. represent the views of members, when appropriate, with elected representatives, developers, statutory services, utilities and other organisations

  8. organise meetings, social events, and other community-based activities

Who funds BWCRA?

BWCRA is funded by the members who each pay £10 a year to support our work to improve life for everyone on the Waterfront. Additional funds are raised through community events, and where available, from grant awarding bodies.


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What does BWCRA spend the money on?

Our funds are determined by the number of paid-up members. We spend most of the funds on organising a Summer fete for the community and on the public meetings when members and non-members alike can meet key councillors and politicians to raise issues / find out what's going on.


In addition to the Members' Open meeting last year, we had a public meeting which was hosted by Alan Cairns MP at which Newbolds gave a presentation about estate charges and answered questions.  There was also another recent Open Meeting at which local town councillors were present.  Expenses included the hire of the hall on both occasions. Other expenses include insurance to cover events and this website.


Who are the stakeholders apart from the residents?


The Developers or 'the Consortium'


'The Consortium' is the consortium of 3 house builders, Taylor Wimpey, Persimmon Homes and Barratts who originally acquired the land and obtained planning permission for the development of approximately 1200 housing units on what is now known as 'The Waterfront'. 


The playgrounds, open spaces, parks, unadopted roads and many of the apartment blocks on the Waterfront are managed by a 'management company’ At present the management company is called 'Remus'. They have been appointed by the Consortium  to manage these areas until the development is completed.


As residents, we are liable to pay Remus an 'annual maintenance charge  fee' as set out in our TP1 forms. This is one of the 'big issues'.


When the developers leave, the maintenance of these areas & the collection of any maintenance charge will become the responsibility of the residents who are all members of the 'Barry Waterfront Residents Management Company Ltd' which was set up by the Consortium. It will be for this organisation to  to arrange for the maintenance of the parks, open spaces, parks, unadopted roads and many of the apartment blocks on the Waterfront. This could be by keeping Remus on, or by contracting with  another company. It's up to the residents but the residents will need to organise themselves to be ready to do this. BWCRA is best placed to do this on residents' behalf when the time comes.

Vale of Glamorgan Council

Eventually, the Vale of Glamorgan Council will look to adopt responsibility for the maintenance of most of our streets (including street lights) - starting with Ffordd y Mileniwm and the estate roads to Phases 1 & 2 in late 2020 (hopefully). They also provide refuse collection services  and will be responsible for traffic management (a key concern for residents). Click here to find out more about the big issues in the area. Our local councillors (both Vale of Glamorgan Council and Barry Town Council) are supportive of the work that BWCRA does and have attended our open meetings and events along with the local AM and MP.


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