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BWCRA engages with various interested parties including the Consortium of builders, Vale of Glamorgan Council, Remus the Management Agent, elected officials and many more to ensure there is accountability for the Waterfront.


We regularly engage with these parties to understand what should have been delivered for this community, what has and hasn't and the remediation plans to address any shortfalls.  We also seek to understand plans that will impact the community, to try to ensure our collective voice is heard. 


Management Company and Charges

The public open spaces of the Waterfront are maintained through a private company and not through Council Tax payments.  This model means we have responsibility as residents of the development, rather than the Vale of Glamorgan Council who have not adopted them. 

All houses and flats on the development will be required to pay a charge to the managing agent (currently Remus) to covers costs for the maintenance of the public open spaces. 

For more information on the Management Company and Charges click on the waterfront image.

Waterfront from above pre dev.png


Since completion of the walkway along the south side of the Western Dock, some complaints have been received about the presence of fishermen, highlighted by instances of anti-social behaviour by some fisherman fishing on the Dock. Complaints have included bright lights, offensive language, drinking, and litter.


Since the beginning of the year, new signage and lifesaving equipment has been installed on the railings adjacent to the pavement on the quay side. 

For more information on the Fishing click on the image.


Highways and Traffic

BWCRA members have posed many queries to BWCRA with regards to Ffordd Y Mileniwm and Ffordd Y Dociau. 

Both roads are to be adopted by the Vale of Glamorgan Council. Our Highways and Traffic page provides more information on queries being raised, along with work BWCRA has done to understand more about these two key roads.

For more information on the Highways and Traffic click on the image.


New School

Work has started on the new school site on the Waterfront development. It will be occupied by Ysgol Gymraeg Sant Baruc (St Baruc Primary - a Welsh medium primary currently sited in a Victorian building in St Paul's Avenue).

Construction works commenced early January 2022 and completion of the works is scheduled for January 2023 ready for ‘intake’ during the 2022/2023 Summer Term.

For more information on the school click on the image.



Dog Fouling

From the outset, there has been a problem with the play tunnel in the Play Area on phase 1, between Ffordd y Mileniwm and the overspill car park. The water table is high, the soil is clay, and the drainage is poor and inadequate. 

For more information on what BWCRA has done to support the issue of the playground suitability, click on the image.

The Waterfront development is home to a lot of dogs of all shapes and sizes. Where they 'do their business' and how much responsibility and care their owners take over cleaning up after them is a topic guaranteed to set the Waterfront Community Facebook site ablaze! 

For more information on what BWCRA has done to support resolving the issue of dog fouling please click on the image.

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