It has become clear over the time that residents have taken up ownership and occupation of their properties on the Waterfront that Remus Management Ltd (Remus) have levied various one-off charges on residents for various actions over-and-above the annual Maintenance Charge.


There has been a lengthy debate as to whether these charges are: [a] permissible; [b] proportionate; [c] widely known; and [d] properly applied. It is accepted that there are no references to these charges in individual leases, or TP1s, but they are normal industry practice.


It is recognised that these charges are not in the public domain and may come as something of a surprise to residents, and we are pressing for these to be more accessible.


What are we doing?


We have challenged the authority under which these charges are levied.


We continue to campaign for there to be a better awareness that these charges exist.


We continue to campaign for a full list of these charges to be available to residents.


And we continue to seek more detailed information as to when, and how some of these charges are notified to residents and applied.


What have we achieved?


Some might say not enough but we do now receive a list of the fees chargeable, and once we have received the list for 2021, we will upload it to the ‘Downloads’ area of the website.

We have pointed out the omission of a ‘Pet’s License’ from the list, which will be included in the future.


We have encouraged Remus to advise residents of charges that may be incurred at the outset of any enquiry so that they are fully aware of costs before final decisions are made by the resident.


We have suggested that information on these charges is included in the Remus Handbook, or as part of their introductory letter to new residents.


Next Steps


We will continue to challenge these charges, concentrating particularly on their costs, and monitoring their levels against the market.


We will also continue to make knowledge of the charges more widely known amongst residents.