This is the area which causes residents significant concern twice a year: once, when they receive a demand for payment of the following years Maintenance Charge – usually a few days before Christmas; and then again when the year-end accounts from the previous year are received – usually in late Spring / early Summer, though not until September in 2020.

The issues vary with those who are leaseholders having specific issues relating to their individual block to those from leaseholders and freeholders alike as both are liable for the wider Estate Management Fee.

Concerns raised range from ‘Why do we have to pay this in the first place?’; through ‘What are we paying for?’; ‘Why do we get two bills?’; ‘Are we getting value for money?’; ‘Can I refuse to pay?’; ‘What do the bills mean?’ to ‘How were Remus appointed?’; ‘How can we get rid of them?’; etc.; etc.


What are we doing?


We continue to enjoy a relationship with Remus based on mutual respect. We are able to meet with them regularly to raise issues of concern and suggest how they might present information in a more user-friendly way.

We challenge Remus on the budgets, expenditure, and financial performance.


What have we achieved?


  1. Reductions in Management Fee demands for 2020 and 2021.

  2. Detailed explanations of final accounts for 2018 and 2019.

  3. The opportunity to comment on all financial documentation before it is distributed to residents.


Next Steps


We plan to continue our engagement with Remus, challenging them when appropriate and relevant.

We are also considering how we can help residents better understand all issues relating to the Management Charge.