Construction traffic & parking



There have been numerous reports of Construction Traffic disturbance and inconsiderate parking of contractors’ vehicles and, in some cases, residents’ drives and parking bays being blocked by contractors’ vehicles preventing residents from reversing their cars onto the road. 

Residents should be mindful that, in some instances, trades vehicles may be visiting individual properties to undertake domestic repairs (defects), installations (flooring, blinds etc) or the delivery of goods (beds, white goods, furniture, etc). Many of these deliveries will involve ‘short-term’ parking. You may wish to let your neighbours know if any of these delivery vehicles are likely to restrict access to the their parking area in order that your neighbours are clear on who to contact if a vehicle need to be moved.


What we are doing?

We have stablished that under the Vale of Glamorgan Shared Regulatory Services documentation on Construction Pollution Control – hours of noisy work including heavy construction traffic is restricted to the following hours:

08:00 to 18:00 hrs Monday to Friday
08:00 to 13:00 hrs Saturday
None on Sunday & Bank Holidays

Under current Covid Restrictions, Contractors can apply to the local Planning Authority for an extension to these hours – up to 21:00hrs on weekdays and up to 21:00hrs on Saturdays. There is no indication that the Developers have requested any extension.
BWCRA have raised the matter with the Developers’ Managing Agent (Whitehead Allen)

What we have achieved?

The Managing Agent has contacted the Developers in relation to both matters and the developers will raise the issues at subcontractor and other meetings. Specific Persimmon related issues in Clos y Rheilffordd adjacent to the new District Centre will be alleviated by an agreement made between Persimmon and Asda to utilise part of the latter’s car park for contractors’ vehicles.


What are we working on right now?

We must remain aware that we continue to live on an active building site and will be for the next year or so until the development is completed. Whilst a degree of tolerance is required, there is no excuse for inconsiderate behaviour by the developers and their contractors. BWCRA have requested a written statement from the Managing Agent outlining how the developer is proposing to ‘police’ the issue and deal with future complaints.


In the meantime, residents should report any continuing construction noise/parking issues to BWCRA. Information should include address, time, and vehicle details together with photographs where possible.