Covid 19 Support Group


Barry Waterfront covid19 Community Support team have stepped down, as we all enjoy a easier way of life, further down the road of our lockdown journey.


The group of neighbourhood volunteers have been supporting the community by carrying out errands for those self isolating due to being higher risk, or feeling unwell. 


Ruth John, project leader, of Portland Drive explains "we are really keen to respond to the community as needed and we are ready to help should we be needed again. We are a stronger community following the challenges faced by covid19 lockdown and long may that generous and kind spirit last."


Ruth continues "part of the community project saw a well utilised book swap, bringing our community together through the love of escaping in a good read! The volunteer team, with the help of BWCRA, have decided to take this idea forward as our lasting legacy. We hope to unveil a permanent community library, next to the play park shortly and we're excited to welcome you to join our celebration!"


Ruth and Paul would like to thank each and every neighbour who stepped forward to help in any way, the response was humbling. 


As the initiative comes to an end, neighbours are encouraged to join the local Barry waterfront Community Residents' Association (click to join) to ensure that we can restart emergency voluntary services as and when needed, as well as ensuring that the BWCRA Committee can lobby for the best possible outcomes and use of our annual Remus service charge.