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​Since completion of the walkway along the south side of the Western Dock, residents have complained about the presence of fishermen, highlighted by instances of anti-social behaviour by some fisherman fishing on the Dock. Complaints have included bright lights, offensive language, drinking, and litter.


At the beginning of 2022, ABP installed new prohibition signs, and lifesaving equipment on the railings adjacent to the quay side to clarify their position on fishing in the dock.  This led to a consultation period opening between ABP and a group of local fishermen who felt the ABP decision was penalising the many fisherman and local good causes who use the dock in a polite, fair way and non-troubling way. 

What has BWCRA done?

ABP confirmed that they have no hesitation with allowing fishermen to utilise the dock for fishing as long as it is carried out in a fair and respectful manner to residents.

BWCRA initially engaged with fishermen and Alun Cairns, our local Member of Parliament to discuss the issue. At that meeting the creation of the club and setting up a code of conduct was discussed as an option for compromise. An initial review of the code of conduct was undertaken and feedback given by BWCRA. We were then notified by the MPs office that the code of conduct was being signed with no further engagement with BWCRA. 

What is still to be done?

BWCRA is continuing to ascertain more information about the fishing club and structure that has been agreed, along with a point of contact for complaints about members of the club that flout the rules, along with how non members will be dealt with by ABP.  

It should be noted, not all fishermen who use the dock for fishing will be signed up to the club and code of conduct. Where residents find they are impacted by fishermen behaving irresponsibly or anti-socially this should be reported to the police. 

What has ABP done?

ABP will be taking steps to update signage along the quayside to make it clear where fishing is allowed to be conducted. This is generally adjacent to public open spaces where the quayside is further away from residents properties. 

What has been agreed?

ABP have, in agreement with local fishermen, designated specific fishing areas at Barry Docks. These have been deliberately placed away from the houses that are closest to the quay on the south side of the dock.

ABP will put in motion the process to update the signage on the dock regarding designated areas for fishing.

An anglers code of conduct for fishing at the docks has been drawn up and agreed upon by all parties.. As this will no doubt be updated as time progresses, QR codes will be placed around the Dock taking users to a link to ABPs website where the latest code will be made available.

ABP will also designate areas that are wheelchair accessible to give disabled priority.


The Barry Dock Fishing Group has been formed, which is a formalised and recognised group of fishermen with a main point of contact


What should residents do if they are effected by anti-social behaviour?

Where fishermen are acting within the rules of the code of conduct and fishing in approved areas, ABP have confirmed their permission to fish.


If members are affected by anti-social behaviour from fishermen, this should be reported to South Wales Police. This can be done by reporting the issue online at or by calling 101. 

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