The Book Exchanges are open

Good things, they say, are worth waiting for but at last they are here! When the group of volunteers running the Covid 19 Support group who had been supporting their neighbours through the darkest days of the 2020 - 21 pandemic wound up their group they wanted a lasting legacy. 

Various ideas were suggested but a living legacy in the form of free book exchanges were agreed upon and their construction and installation was organised by the BWCRA volunteers. 

More volunteers supervise the book exchanges and they have proved a big success. Far from competing with the local library as some feared, they are encouraging reading which will increase footfall at the library and bookshops.

Both are located in Linear Park, one on Phase 1 and the other on Phase 2. Why not take a peek and pick up a read or drop off your copy of War & Peace?

Bookshare box.jpg

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