Highways and traffic issues

​The roads on the development, along with pavements and street lighting, have not yet been adopted by the Vale of Glamorgan Council. We had anticipated that Ffordd y Mileniwm and Phase 1 would be adopted during the first half of 2020, but this has clearly been delayed by the current circumstances.

What we are doing?

We have been talking to the Vale of Glamorgan Council and the developers regarding their plans for adoption of roads in the development and, in particular, Ffordd y Milenium which passes through it. We had previously reported that Vale of Glamorgan Council Highways Department had approved the amended highways works proposal as submitted by the Consortium in March 2020 which would allow adoption to proceed.

​ In the Summer, Ian (who has taken on responsibility at BWCRA for all things relating to the roads and traffic) chased up the Consortium’s Agent (Whitehead Allen) to establish whether the programme information requested had in fact been submitted to the Council. Whitehead Allen have advised us that they have not received approval from the Vale of Glamorgan Council which contradicts what we were told in September. Ian has emailed both parties to establish the truth.

What is clear, is that no further S38 Adoptions can proceed until the Ffordd y Mileniwn works are required by the Council are resolved. In the meantime, its maintenance and issues around parking remain the responsibility of the Consortium.


​Traffic calming  

Residents have complained about repeated speeding incidents on Ffordd y Mileniwm. The Vale of Glamorgan Council  undertook a number of traffic surveys in 2019 with the  results showing “a general level of compliance with the posted speed limit” but they acknowledged that, “on occasion, there will inevitably be instances where certain drivers will exceed the speed limit due to their inappropriate driver behaviours”.  

Although their speed data from Ffordd y Mileniwn did not meet the criteria for it to be considered as an ‘enforcement  site’ by GoSafe, the Council did carry out a one-off ‘Night Owl’ operation in  Summer 2019 to address with the  concerns BWCRA had raised on behalf of residents. The Vale of Glamorgan Council have also been discussing modifications to a parking bay which would allow future speed enforcement by GoSafe. In the meantime, any inappropriate driving behaviour would be for the police to deal as they have necessary powers to enforce moving traffic offences.    

Despite concerns from residents, the Consortium has not made any plans for any physical traffic calming measures on long straight roads in the development roads such as Ffordd y Dociau.​


What we have achieved?

  • We have surveyed and catalogued the street lights on the development.

  • The non-working ones have been flagged up to the developers for action.

  • We have involved the local MP to bring pressure on the developers to resolve the shortcomings in lighting.

  • We have maintained pressure on the Consortium and the Council to adopt Fordd y Milenium.