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Highways and traffic

BWCRA members have posed many queries to BWCRA with regards to Ffordd Y Mileniwm and Ffordd Y Dociau. 

Both roads are to be adopted by the Vale of Glamorgan Council. Our Highways and Traffic page provides more information on queries being raised along with what BWCRA has worked to understand about the two key roads.


Ffordd y mileniwm


There have been repeated delays to the formal Adoption (Section 38) of Ffordd y Mileniwm by the Council and concerns that this is impacting on progressing the Adoption by the Council of the other estate roads. These cannot proceed until the Ffordd y Mileniwm adoption process is completed. Conflicting excuses for the delay by both the Developers and the Council have proved frustrating.

The current position is as follows:

The Council and the Developers inspected the works in November 2021 and have agreed a list of remedial works required and additional works necessary. The additional works include:

  • Alterations to traffic light telemetrics /sequencing/filtering

  • Installation of “No U-Turn” signage. This required the publication of a TRO (Traffic Regulation Order) for public consultation. This was advertised on 27 January 2022 with any comments/objections to be received by 18 February 2022. It is unlikely that any objections will be received.

  • The legal documentation can then be progressed and completed.

Fford y Dociau

Queries have been received by Residents as to certain issues on Ffordd y Dociau. Queries include:



Apart from a general statement of ‘early 2022’ no finite dates have been provided for the completion of the street lighting installation and final surfacing. It has been noted that surfacing will be undertaken when the need for heavy construction traffic access has ceased.

Speed limits

The Council have confirmed that the estate road design reflects a 20mph speed and that the final surfacing will include paved raised speed tables at various junctions along Ffordd y Dociau. The location of these has been provided and can currently be identified on roads that do not have dropped kerb crossing provision. As these roads will be adopted and pass to Council ownership as public highways there are currently no plans to provide 20mph signage. This could be reviewed following adoption.  

Roundabout access to the Old Dock Road at East end of Ffordd y Dociau

VOG Highways have confirmed that there is no provision for permanent vehicle access from Ffordd y Dociau to the Old Dock Road. Access is restricted by removable bollards to allow only access to the Dock walls for maintenance by ABP (Associated British Ports) who retain ownership of the Dock walls.

Parking at the Ffordd y Mileniwm Junction

It has been noted that kerb side car parking on both sides of Ffordd y Dociau is causing congestion at the junction. The situation will be reviewed following adoption with possibly yellow lining being considered between the junction and Clos Tear / Heol Finch to ease traffic flow.


What is next?

What are we doing?
BWCRA is monitoring the process of adoption and maintaining contact with both the Developer and the Council as well as pushing for faster progress.

What have we achieved?
Clarification of the process and obstacles to the adoption progressing

What are we still waiting detailed responses to?
A clear indication of timescales for the Developer’s remedial and additional works rather than ‘early 2022’ responses, given this time has now passed.

  • A clear indication from the Council for the timescale for completion of the legal process

  • A clear indication of the timescale for the adoption process for the Estate's roads in Phase 1 and Phases 2 to 4 (including Ffordd y Dociau).

Next Steps
To review the timetable for adoptions

  • To review all adoption drawings to ensure that residents are clear on which areas are being adopted

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