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BWCRA exists to help improve the community you live in. By becoming a member you are showing your support for the work that BWCRA is doing on behalf of everyone who lives on the Waterfront. The bigger the membership the more strength we have in meetings with companies and organisations that affect our quality of life on the development. We hope that you choose to join up and lend your weight. 



By becoming a member of BWCRA not only will you be supporting your local community to grow, develop and thrive, you will also gain access to a number of benefits that membership brings. These include:

  • Regular prize draws for members.

  • Access to meeting minutes and information on what we are actively working on.

  • Access to member discounts.

  • Access to a regular member newsletter bringing you information on what is affecting the Waterfront. 

  • Supporting expanding BWCRA's influence to represent the interests of your community. 

  • Right to vote on the direction BWCRA takes at its AGM.

Why are there Membership Costs

BWCRA  is a volunteer led organisation. Those who do work for BWCRA are unpaid and all work is undertaken in volunteers own time. However, there are costs that are associated with running BWCRA that need to be met. 

These include insurance to support community events when they are undertaken and to protect the volunteers in the work they do on BWCRA's behalf. 

Costs that allow the running of a website so we can communicate with you in a effective and efficient way. 

Fees that are taken for membership will be used for the purposes of running BWCRA and delivery of membership benefits only. Any excess fees in a given year will be used to reduce the membership fee overall.


Become a member

To join BWCRA, sign up using the following button. The information collected will be used to take a secure payment and information used to log your membership in our membership database.

MEMBER Newsletter

We will regularly look to update you with a record of what BWCRA are doing and how we are trying to support the community.


This will be through our regular newsletter. This will provide an update on work we are undertaking and changes that might be of interest to members. 

MEMBER prize draw

As a new benefit to members we will be introducing a new monthly prize draw with the first draw taking place in September 2022. 

Every month one member will win £25. 

Terms and conditions of the prize draw be found here

MEMBER discounts

As a member of BWCRA you are able to claim a discount we have negotiated with various organisations. 

See member discounts that can be found here

Disclaimer: Traders and businesses who offer discounted goods/services to BWCRA Members are welcome. However, details of such traders and businesses posted on this website are provided in good faith, and BWCRA makes no express or implied representation or warranty of any kind regarding the quality or content of any services or goods provided by such traders or businesses. Under no circumstances will BWCRA be liable to Members for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of any information or details about traders or businesses posted on this website, and Members reliance on such information is solely at their own risk.

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