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New School



​Work has started on the new school site on the Waterfront development. It will be occupied by Ysgol Gymraeg Sant Baruc (St Baruc Primary - a Welsh medium primary currently sited in a Victorian building in St Paul's Avenue).

As part of their obligations under Planning Legislation (Section 106 Agreement), the Developers were obliged to fund the cost of the development and construction of a 1FE (One Form of Entry) School at a site in Ffordd y Mileniwm. There is provision within the Section 106 Agreement for the Council to review the School provision for 1FE to 2FE and the difference in cost to be funded by the Council. There has been extensive and extended negotiations on agreeing costs and design which has delayed the construction of the facility. The original intent was that the School should be completed prior to the first occupation of any unit on Phase 4 of the development (South Haven) unless agreed otherwise due to unforeseen factors. This clearly is not the case.

A full Planning Application was submitted in April 2021 and Approval with Conditions granted in July 2021. The Application documents and drawings can be viewed on the Vale of Glamorgan’s Planning Website (Application Number 2021/00379/FUL). During the Planning Application process BWCRA submitted a range of concerns mainly relating to traffic issues both in terms of increased congestion during drop-off and pick-up times, speed restrictions, and potential for inconsiderate parking. No meaningful response was received

Construction works commenced week commencing early January 2022 and completion of the works is scheduled for March 2023 ready for ‘intake’ during the 2022/2023 Summer Term. It is understood that the school is fully ‘subscribed’

What are we doing?

BWCRA will continue to monitor the process and updates from the Council.
Clarification required by the Council whether the Developers have breached the timing set out in the Section 106 Agreement and what enforcement sanctions can be imposed.

What have we achieved?

  •  Clarification of timescales

  • During the ground preparation works, complaints from Residents regarding noisy working during weekends were relayed to the Council and an Enforcement Notice issued by the Council prohibiting weekend working.

  • What are we still waiting detailed responses to?

  • No further responses awaited at this stage

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