The large play area on Ffordd y Mileniwm is a great asset for residents and visitors alike but it remains a bone of contention as the residents are paying for the upkeep of what is, in the Summer, Barry's busiest children's playground. It has stood up well under continuous use in its 6 months but as we all know the tunnel was destined to be a failure and has proved to be just that.


What we are doing?

We have been talking to Vale of Glamorgan Council about adopting it but they are not keen on taking on the expense. 

We have challenged Remus on whether the tunnel was ever 'fit for purpose' - (we believe they should never have accepted it from the developers).

What we have achieved?
  • Minor repairs have been carried to the roundabout, the boundary fence and to the safety play surface.

  • We have contributed to the Welsh Government's consultation on the management of new developments and the practise of residents having to pay management companies rather than their local council for the upkeep of open areas.

What are we working on right now?

  1. We are in touch with a resident's association in England on a development managed by Remus so we can share intelligence.

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