From the outset, there has been a problem with the play tunnel in the Play Area on phase 1, between Ffordd y Mileniwm and the overspill car park. The water table is high, the soil is clay, and the drainage poor and inadequate. Within a matter of weeks of the opening of the facility, it was clear that the play tunnel was wholly inadequate for the demands being placed on it. Even with a period of lockdown, it did not recover. It became unusable and needed some significant repair / rebuild.


What are we doing?


We have spent a lot of time understanding the design specification; build; warranties and maintenance of this facility in an effort to have it repaired at no-cost to residents. During this time, the play tunnel has deteriorated further with the area having been no more than a mud bath over the winter.

A decision was taken that the priority for BWCRA should be to ensure that there was a serviceable play facility available to children, and that in the first instance it should be paid for from the Maintenance Charge and its accumulated reserve.


What have we achieved?


We have now managed to get agreement from Remus that repairs should e undertaken without further delay, and it is anticipated that they will be completed by mid-April.


Next steps


While the immediate repair of the play tunnel was judged to be the priority, there is still an ongoing debate as to whether it was properly constructed in the first place.

While we have been assured that it was built according to specification, if that were the case, then the specification was not fit for purpose and someone, other than the residents, should be carrying the costs of repair / renewal.

We have asked for sight of the original specification, and Remus have indicated that they will try to get us a copy from the Consortium.