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Anti-social behaviour on the dock

Over the summer and autumn, discussions have continued regarding fishing in Barry dock. These discussions have been led by Alun Cairns, MP for the Vale of Glamorgan and involved Associated British Ports as landowner, local councillors, local residents, anglers and the police.

During the meetings there were clear expressions of concerns raised by residents that were linked to wider issues of antisocial behaviour, rather than fishing. It is important that we appreciate and distinguish between fishing and antisocial behaviour. It seems the vast majority of experience from residents is that anglers are not antisocial.

However, it is important that if we are experiencing antisocial behaviour, we are reporting it to the police through 101 or via the online portal.

As police representatives explained at a BWCRA meeting, their responses are driven by reporting statistics. The police prioritise action based on the data that they have. Therefore, as a community, it’s important we report what we see or hear, to help quantify any issues and justify police action.

No one will do it for us. If you are experiencing antisocial behaviour then please report it. You can do this by calling 101 or by logging it online at

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