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As Halloween passes . . .

On behalf of all the children – and those who wish they were still at that innocent stage of life – a big thank you to everyone who made Halloween the best that we’ve seen on the development. While the ‘Firebreak’ restrictions, for some, are proving as difficult as the initial lockdown, the efforts made to ensure the community celebrated appropriately were amazing.

As you know, the Covid-19 Support Group ran several competitions over the period, and I am pleased to announce the following winners:

Best decorated house: Katrina Watts

Best window display: Sian McCarthy

Best pumpkin: Rachelle Partridge and

Best costume: Meryll Maalat Lewis

The Barry Waterfront Community Residents’ Association, BWCRA, is grateful to Ruth and Claire for organising and judging the competitions, and Claire will message winners about prizes donated by Usborne Books and BWCRA.

For more information about joining BWCRA, go to

Thanks again to everyone.


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