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Barry Marina - January (with March update)

Updated: Mar 19

We met with Alun Cairns today, Friday 27th January 2023 and he gave us an update on the plans for the Barry Marina following the round two levelling up decisions made over the last few weeks where the Barry Marina bid was unsuccessful.

Positive feedback was received on the Barry Marina bid, the bid scored well and was deemed as a viable bid by the evaluating panel.

Under the evaluation, the areas which were scored lower were:

  • There was no approved planning permission for bid, meaning if approved work could not commence immediately.

  • Land transfers involved in the bid, while approved in principle have not taken place so again would slow down any progress should the bid have been successful.

  • There was a concern about local backing for the project with possible differing local views

The general view is while they are disappointed not to have succeeded with gaining funding in phase II, they are determined to reapply for funding in Phase III due to open later this year. In the meantime residents on the Waterfront might see preparatory activity ahead of a Phase III bid, for example lodging of planning applications.

Further update March 2023 - As forecast, a formal Planning Application has been submitted by Associated British Ports and may be seen from this link. Vale of Glamorgan Council Planning has written to an extensive list of Neighbours, with representations sought by 23 March 2023.

The online form for anyone to comment is available here.

BWCRA encourages its members and the community as a whole to study the information in the application and share your comments with the Council, so our elected members and Council officers know your views. The Planning website gives the following guidance "Comments should only relate to the development proposals and relevant planning matters which can include, for example: impacts on the privacy and amenity of neighbouring properties; design; traffic and parking; impacts on heritage and environmental assets; and sustainability. Please note that matters of private interest will not be relevant, such as: loss of a view; impact on property value; or boundary / land disputes."

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