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Residents have requested an update on the current status of the Ffordd y Mileniwm Section 38 Adoption by the Vale of Glamorgan. FyM was inspected by the Highways Authority in the autumn of last year and a list of ‘snagging items’ and other issues resulting from a Safety Audit presented to the Developers for rectification prior to Completion being agreed and the first stage of physical Adoption commenced.

It is understood that the Developer commissioned a specialist company in February 2020 to undertake appropriate design amendments. These were submitted to the Council for approval in April 2020.

The Council have advised that the full review and checking of the Developer’s design package has been somewhat delayed by the impacts associated with Coronavirus restrictions, albeit they are now in a position to pick this matter up and will be working again with the Developers to move the necessary improvement works forward at the earliest opportunity. BWCRA will be pressing the Council for regular updates on progress.


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