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Management Company Membership

There has been recent activity on Facebook with a suggestion of residents withholding their membership of the Management Company, Barry Waterfront Residents Management Company Ltd.

Residents clearly have the right to make their own decision on whether they will pursue membership of the Management Company. However, we would like to remind residents of the independent legal advice we were given in 2022, including this specific extract about withholding:

What if I don't become a member?

If there is a covenant in your title deeds requiring you to become a member and you fail to do so you could be in breach of contract/covenant and subject to legal action or even forfeiture of your Lease if it states that.

If you choose to withhold membership we suggest you seek independent legal advice on whether the TP1 that you signed when purchasing your property has already committed you to becoming a member of the Management Company as this could expose you to legal challenge in the future.

BWCRA's webpage about the setup of the Management Company can be found here

The independent legal advice in full can be accessed below.

Newbold Solicitors Information Sheet 11th March 2022
Download PDF • 221KB

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