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Marina blog update

Thank you to the 44 people who gave BWCRA’s committee feedback on ABP’s pre-application consultation.

There was a broad spectrum of views and we are grateful for them all. The most notable trends were:

  • 69.8% of respondents were in favour, or strongly in favour of the plan, with 16.3% against or strongly against it. (The remainder were neutral or not sure yet).

  • The most common likes were bringing more visitors, business and jobs to Barry.

  • The most common dislikes were roads, parking and the scale/height of residential development on The Mole.

  • We asked what topics ABP / Vale of Glamorgan Council need to address to increase your support for the plan. Our aim here was to guide improvements ABP should include when making their formal planning application.

  • This highlighted roads, parking, local amenities, completion of current phases of the waterfront regeneration and the balance between leisure and residential development of The Mole.

  • If the improvement topics are addressed well, this changed people’s overall view of the plan. 83.3% of respondents would be in favour, or strongly in favour of the plan, with 9.5% against or strongly against it. (Once again, the remainder were neutral or not sure yet).

BWCRA has provided appropriate feedback to ABP. We anticipate ABP’s next step will be to submit a formal planning application.

We remind you that it’s really important you provide your feedback to the planners (and elected representatives) at that stage. It is the formal planning application stage at which key decisions are made. We’ll highlight this opportunity in due course.

Thanks again for engaging with BWCRA and sharing your views.

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