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Proposed Changes to BWCRA Constitution

Updated: Mar 4

At the next BWCRA AGM on the 27th March 2023 members will be asked to vote on an update to the BWCRA constitution. This is to support in making the constitution more flexible for the Committee to operate having taken learnings from BWCRA's operation from the last few years.

Below is the updated constitution along with a red lined version of the document for members to review ahead of the AGM.

The second boundaries map only shows the boundaries with a thicker line showing them more clearly, there is no proposed changes to the BWCRA boundaries.

2023 updated Constitution
Download PDF • 608KB
2023 updated Constitution - Red Lined
Download PDF • 611KB
Boundaries Page
Download PDF • 1.56MB
BWCRA Boundries in Blue
Download PDF • 802KB

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