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Remus Accounts

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

I imagine that there will be many of you, who own and/or live on Phase 1 of the development, will have received your Annual Service Charge Account for the Year Ending 31st Dec 2019 and are now confused and frustrated by the presentation of these accounts.

BWCRA’s Executive Committee had sight of these accounts in draft format in mid-March and were invited to comment. At the time, we raised several questions about the items charged to the account and commented in length about presentation. In the past 7+ months, we have corresponded with Remus about our concerns with those draft accounts, but without any amendments forthcoming, and then about our concerns in the delay in distributing these final accounts. Unsurprisingly, the final version of the accounts that have been mailed over the past week have taken no account of our initial representations and comments, nor a satisfactory explanation as to the delay.

Looking more closely at the accounts, please read them carefully. Figures shown in brackets indicate a surplus on the budgeted figures. You will NOT owe Remus money if the sum of -£60.95, -£60.96, -£61.53 or -£61.54 is shown as ‘Your total current outstanding balance to be paid’. These are credit balances, and you are entitled to a repayment, or to credit the amount to the 2021 account. However, if the amount is £2.91, £47.72, £51.38 or £51.39, I am afraid you will owe that amount. [The differences depend on the dates that responsibility for collecting the Maintenance Fee passed from the respective developer to Remus]. It is particularly disingenuous of Remus not to include in their letter information as to how credit balances might be re-paid. This can be done by emailing

I am giving some serious consideration as to whether on on-line zoom tutorial might be useful in helping residents understand how these accounts are put together: watch for further information in this regard.

If you have not yet received such an account from Remus, then this will not apply to you . . . yet. Be grateful.

I can confirm that a strongly worded email has been sent to Richard Jones and Gethin Jones about the apparent contempt in which they hold BWCRA and residents of Barry Waterfront.

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