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Remus Management Fee Invoices

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

I imagine that some residents will have received documentation about the Annual Estate Service Charge. Remus had undertaken to advise BWCRA in advance

of the distribution of the invoice for 2021 charges, but, regrettably, this proved not to be the case.

Although we were not made aware of the mailing, we had been consulted about the proposed budget, and the reduction of costs referred to in their ‘Details of Service

Charge Costs’ were agreed after representation from BWCRA: Remus’ original budget proposed an increase in the charge of £1.05, whereas the final outcome has been a reduction of £10.42 against the 2020 charge, or £11.47 against the initial budget for 2021.

While Remus’ timing might be described as best ‘unfortunate’, at worst, ‘crass’, payment is due early in the New Year. However, if you have any difficulties with payment, contact Remus without delay to agree an alternative payment schedule.

And finally, why not use that saving as your first, or renewal subscription to BWCRA, who are working on behalf of Waterfront residents to establish a better community for all. Go to

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