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Questions raised on the BWCRA open meeting 17th August 2022

Updated: Jan 2

During the BWCRA meeting on August 17th, a number of questions were raised, some answered on the call and some not. Below are an overview of the questions asked and answers provided.

Question 1: What is the current membership of BWCRA?

Answer: The current membership of BWCRA stands at a level of c.95 members. We have not been actively seeking renewals for the last couple of months due to handover problems between out old treasurer and new. This has meant we have had some restricted access to the BWCRA bank account and not been able to actively engage with members to renew. While some memberships have expired, we have still considered expired members to be members in the interim period.

An update to the situation is the Treasurer has full access to the BWCRA bank account and that has allowed us to reach out to all expired members to remind them of renewals.

We will also be looking to reach out via the Barry Waterfront Facebook page to encourage new membership following the reduction in membership fees and introduction of the members prize draw.

Question 2: Conscious of the rubbish, broken glass and dog mess on the estate, is this the responsibility of the council? What can residents do to address these issues long term?

Answer: Street cleaning will become the responsibility of the council once adoption takes place. Currently it is the responsibility of the consortium for the streets and public areas not handed over to Remus. For public open spaces that have been handed over to and accepted by Remus, then responsibility for cleaning lays with Remus.

We know bin/recycling collection day causes a number of issues with extra rubbish being on the streets where it is dropped from bags on collections. This situation we can raise our concerns with the council.

Ffordd Y Dociau is becoming a dumping ground. Many of the items have been left by the builders themselves and for those areas we are pressing along with the council for the developers to clean up their mess as it is attracting other to fly tip.

Dog mess is about education, we continue to press upon the importance of owners acting responsibly and picking up after their dogs and remind people that not picking up after your dog is an offence that can lead to fines from the council.

Finally, we also stress for property owners to check their property land registry details, many of the houses that run down Ffordd Y Dociau have a strip of land running parallel to their wall. Owners should check their responsibility for that land and keeping it tidy as many owners will find that their responsibility does not end at the wall, but include the strip of land.

Question 3: Will Remus be responsible for fly tipping and maintenance?

Answer: Anything that is not private, then yes Remus will become responsible. Once they take over responsibility for an area we can support ensuring they keep on top of their responsibilities.

Question 4: Is there a timescale for Remus to take over areas?

Answer: Currently the timescales are unknown. Handover of areas are on a bit by bit basis as the consortium completes areas of the development and Remus agree that the area is complete.

Question 5: If residents have concerns, can residents email councillors?

Answer: Yes, our councillors are very keen for us to engage them where we have issues or concerns. We ask that while emailing councillors you also copy in BWCRA so we are kept in the loop and can progress discussions with councillors as part of our engagement with them. Councillors for the Baruc Ward where we reside are:

Mark is a local resident on the Waterfront, Nick and Steffan are residents within the ward, but outside of the Waterfront. BWCRA's email address is

Question 6: Is there a timescale in place for completion of the development across the whole dock?