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Questions raised on the BWCRA open meeting 17th August 2022

Updated: Jan 2

During the BWCRA meeting on August 17th, a number of questions were raised, some answered on the call and some not. Below are an overview of the questions asked and answers provided.

Question 1: What is the current membership of BWCRA?

Answer: The current membership of BWCRA stands at a level of c.95 members. We have not been actively seeking renewals for the last couple of months due to handover problems between out old treasurer and new. This has meant we have had some restricted access to the BWCRA bank account and not been able to actively engage with members to renew. While some memberships have expired, we have still considered expired members to be members in the interim period.

An update to the situation is the Treasurer has full access to the BWCRA bank account and that has allowed us to reach out to all expired members to remind them of renewals.

We will also be looking to reach out via the Barry Waterfront Facebook page to encourage new membership following the reduction in membership fees and introduction of the members prize draw.

Question 2: Conscious of the rubbish, broken glass and dog mess on the estate, is this the responsibility of the council? What can residents do to address these issues long term?

Answer: Street cleaning will become the responsibility of the council once adoption takes place. Currently it is the responsibility of the consortium for the streets and public areas not handed over to Remus. For public open spaces that have been handed over to and accepted by Remus, then responsibility for cleaning lays with Remus.

We know bin/recycling collection day causes a number of issues with extra rubbish being on the streets where it is dropped from bags on collections. This situation we can raise our concerns with the council.

Ffordd Y Dociau is becoming a dumping ground. Many of the items have been left by the builders themselves and for those areas we are pressing along with the council for the developers to clean up their mess as it is attracting other to fly tip.

Dog mess is about education, we continue to press upon the importance of owners acting responsibly and picking up after their dogs and remind people that not picking up after your dog is an offence that can lead to fines from the council.

Finally, we also stress for property owners to check their property land registry details, many of the houses that run down Ffordd Y Dociau have a strip of land running parallel to their wall. Owners should check their responsibility for that land and keeping it tidy as many owners will find that their responsibility does not end at the wall, but include the strip of land.

Question 3: Will Remus be responsible for fly tipping and maintenance?

Answer: Anything that is not private, then yes Remus will become responsible. Once they take over responsibility for an area we can support ensuring they keep on top of their responsibilities.

Question 4: Is there a timescale for Remus to take over areas?

Answer: Currently the timescales are unknown. Handover of areas are on a bit by bit basis as the consortium completes areas of the development and Remus agree that the area is complete.

Question 5: If residents have concerns, can residents email councillors?

Answer: Yes, our councillors are very keen for us to engage them where we have issues or concerns. We ask that while emailing councillors you also copy in BWCRA so we are kept in the loop and can progress discussions with councillors as part of our engagement with them. Councillors for the Baruc Ward where we reside are:

Mark is a local resident on the Waterfront, Nick and Steffan are residents within the ward, but outside of the Waterfront. BWCRA's email address is

Question 6: Is there a timescale in place for completion of the development across the whole dock?

Answer: No. A firm timescale is not something we are currently able to pin down. We know there are plans to build on the mole .

The Mole is a 6 acre site. Plans from ABP are to develop the mole, in their current plans this involves 2 acres being used for housing, 1 acre for car parking and 2 acres at the end of the mole, along with a strip of land down the south edge being used for further developments. This is currently under consultation.

Councillors for the ward believe this is an ideal opportunity for ABP to give something back to the area and provide a nice park/green space on the mole rather than further development.

Question 7: Is it fair to say the developers might only be interested in what brings them revenue rather than completing the areas to finish the development?

Answer: That is probably a fair assessment based on what we are experiencing.

Question 8: What can be done?

Answer: Council planners can make the most impact enforcement action. Residents making their voice heard directly to councillors as well as through BWCRA supports the councillors being able to influence action.

Question 9: Would a petition help?

Answer: Generally speaking what we see is that the developers would not care about a petition. We need to voice our concerns together through BWCRA and to our councillors to try to get enforcement action, this will impact them financially which is when generally we see action from them.

Question 10: Does the council planning department have the ability to stop developers getting the next development?

Answer: No, generally speaking if someone puts in a valid planning application and pays fees, then the council need to look at it on its own merits.

If we want the site finished then we need to make ourselves heard at planning meetings through communications to our councillors, this will give them greater ability to challenge when planning applications are voted on.

Question 11: New Transport for Wales site

Answer: A member used the Any Other Business and Questions session of the meeting to give an update with some issues that a number of residents are currently experiencing at the rear of Phase I.

For the past 6/7 weeks work has been on-going on the old heritage line. TfW have been digging and it is kicking up large amounts of black dust into the air, thought to be coal dust. This has been lingering and settling in people's houses. Currently residents are experiencing work being undertaken outside of agreed and notified hours.

If residents have issues and would like to complain this needs to be done via a formal complain through TfW's customer relations team.

The councillors have indicated that the council is trying to investigate enforcement action.

Question 12: Is there any action being taken to stop people driving through the district centre?

Answer: Yes. Our councillor Mark Hooper has been having discussions and putting pressure to have bollards installed in the area to stop people being able to drive through. In the longer term BWCRA and Mark are trying to put pressure on the consortium to complete the area with the planned trees and planters which will act as natural barriers.

Question 13: General concerns involving the dock

Answer: A resident passed information on for the name of the ABP manager for the dock. If people have concerns about litter in the dock, people in the water or any other concerns involving the dock, they are able to contact The more feedback that is received from residents for issues involving the water, the more they will have the ability to support and make changes

Question 14: Is there any intention to place double yellow lines on Ffordd y Dociau?

Answer: Parking issues were communicated to Michael Clogg of VoG Highways in August 2021. The impression BWCRA have is that yellow lining is not proposed as part of the Consortium’s Section 38 Agreement and is something that can be re-visited following Adoption.

It is clear that there is considerable congestion at times due to parking particularly near to the junction at Ffordd y Mileniwm. This worsens with inconsiderate parking by visitors to the island avoiding the use of the paid car parks with poor and indiscriminate parking. This poses issues with large vehicles turning in to Ffordd y Mileniwm.

Any yellow lining would be subject to a Traffic Regulation Order. In any event, It is unlikely that any yellow lining would be undertaking prior to the final road surfacing. It could however be undertaken prior to Adoption as has the lining in Ffordd y Glannau.

Despite several requests on the matter – no firm date has been provided by the Consortium for the final surfacing of Ffordd y Dociau – only that it is ‘in hand’ and works are ‘out to tender’. We continue to pursue the matter in our discussions with them.

Question 15: Are you aware of when the School will be opening?

Answer: Our understanding is the School is due for completion Spring 2023.

Question 16: Will the roads be adopted before the School opens?

Answer: There is current no firm date of when roads will be adopted. It was supposed to be March to June 2022 however, there are still some remedial works to be undertaken. Whiteheads (the consortium’s project managers) have stated that these works will commence following the school holidays.

The cause of delay to Adoption is unclear – but likely to be the Consortium not providing the information required by VoG Highways. It is noted that the original Groundworks Sub Contractor (Cuddy) went bankrupt resulting in the financial liability for rectifying any defects etc to be funded by the Consortium itself (excluding any retention monies held against Cuddy – these may be frozen in any event pending the final winding up of Cuddy). It is not clear on the cause of the delay and whether this is a financial issue with the consortium as a result of the supplier insolvency, whatever the reason we continue to stress that the delay is unacceptable to the Residents.

The Adoption of other Estate Roads cannot take place until Ffordd Y Milleniwm itself is adopted.

Question 17: The substation on Ffordd Y Dociau has been vandalised and is used as a toilet by people passing through the estate. Can anything be done to get it cleaned up and made to look less like a derelict building?

Answer: The unfinished nature of the substation was reported back to the Consortium’s Agent (Whitehead) in March of this year and despite several emails chasing the matter no meaningful response has yet been provided. We continue to push the issue.

Question 18: Do we have an update on the path leading from Ffordd Y Milleniwm to District Centre along Dockside Parallel to Neptune Rd?

Answer: BWCRA were not aware of the issue in that particular location, although we are aware of underground services issues at the currently ‘abandoned’ Waterside Gardens Public Open Space. This area should have been complete over 3 years ago as a requirement of the Section 106 Agreement. It is hard to believe that this was not sorted out at the time and displays a surprising level of contempt for the Residents by the Consortium. We will pick up discussions about this path as part of our future discussions.

General Comments: General state of estate roads and pavements:

It is clear from the property purchase documents that the Consortium is responsible for the maintenance of the Roads etc until such time as these are adopted by the Local Authority.

Clearly no maintenance has been undertaken evidenced by the extent of weeds etc. Whiteheads have advised that this will be dealt with. Some of the landscaped area not yet handed over to Remus are in poor state particularly the south side of Ffordd y Dociau which seems to be a carpet of overgrown weeds.

There are issues raised with Whitehead back in March 2022 that have not been addressed to date. We continue to pursue the issue.

Other issues that have been raised with Whitehead’s include:

Rhodfa’ Cei

Reinstatement of landscaping due to planting being removed for TW scaffolding.

District Centre/Neptune Way

Missing Landscaping. Complaints regarding cars passing through the District Centre have also been raised. Noted that temporary concrete ‘blocks’ have been provided at the southern end but no response yet received regarding any future permanent solution including addressing the open access from Asda’s car park

Missing Lighting Y Rhodfa

This road has been adopted by the Council and a missing lamp standard at the Eastern End has been identified. Mike Clogg of VoG Highways is aware of the issue and has been pressing the Consortium to deal with the issue (so far without success).

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