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Open Meeting - 17/08/2022

Updated: Jan 2

An open meeting was held on Wednesday 17th August 2022 at 19:30 on Zoom.

During the meeting the agenda covered changes to BWCRA commutations, changes to membership, fishing on the dock and general Q&A

Changes to communications

First point of discussion was the changes in which BWCRA will look to communicate with members with our new look website just launched and the introduction of the BWCRA Newsletter which we will be looking to send out to Members on a regular basis.

More information on our change of site and communications can be found on our blog post: Hi and Welcome

Changes to Membership

An update was given to our membership structure. Following feedback from the residents survey suggesting price was a barrier to membership we have reduced the price of membership from £12 a year to £8. We have also given greater clarity on what the membership fee will be used for and introduced a monthly £25 member prize draw.

More information can be found for:

If you want to renew your membership or join as a new member you can do so on our Joining Page

Update on Development Monitoring Group

An update was given with regards to the activity of our Development Monitoring Group by the chair of that Group.

They meet with representatives of the Consortium, Remus, Council and other parties who have an impact on the Waterfront. They discuss and try to drive forward movement on big issues as well as take up issues members have on a case by case basis.

Updates were given with regards to:

  • Properties handed over from the consortium parties to Remus

  • Challenging the late 2020 accounts from Remus

  • Pinning works to the cliff face on Phase II which is impacting completion and adoption of the road

  • Residents issues as they come in, including missed lighting and excessive maintenance charges in flats, etc.


Fishing was added to the agenda at the request of a member who was unfortunately unable to attend the meeting.

BWCRA laid out that it has no position on fishing and that it communicates information based on what ABP the owners of the dock allow. This is currently that fishing can be carried out along the dock side where there is public open space and therefor not directly outside of residences.

BWCRA understands that there is a mix of views with regards to fishing on the dock some who feel it should not be allowed now residents live on the dock edge and some who are supportive of fishing. As well as there being a number of residents of the Waterfront that are themselves anglers.

While BWCRA will maintain a neutral stance on the right to fish in the dock, we will continue to understand what conversations are being held with regards to fishing and provide any information that we find out. This will be found on our fishing page.

Question and Answer

Throughout the meeting many questions were raised and answered on the call with general discussions on:

  • Cleanliness of the Waterfront area

  • Role of the Councillors for the Baruc Ward

  • What residents can do to support the area

  • Development plans for the Mole

An overview of questions and answers covered on the calls can be found on our blog post: Questions raised on the BWCRA open meeting 17th August 2022.

Minutes for the meeting can be accessed below and a recording of the full call can be found here.

Download PDF • 113KB

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