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Welcome to Darryl Reidy, our newly elected Chair

Darryl with Treacle (or is it Toffee?)

Darryl was elected Chair at our recent AGM in succession to Paul Motte, to whom we send our grateful thanks for all his work in that role.

So who is Darryl and what are his first thoughts?


Darryl grew up in Penarth. Following schooling attended Swansea University where he studied History.

Finishing university he started a career in financial services specialising in procurement, and after studying for his professional qualification became a member of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply. This supported him in building skills in working with suppliers and supply chains, managing suppliers, risk management and contractual negotiation and contract drafting.

After more than ten years in a procurement role in financial services, Darryl now works for a large UK bank, taking ownership and management of their procurement process to engage, negotiate, risk assess and contract with suppliers.

Darryl lives on the South Quay with his partner Zak, their corgi Toby and their two cats Toffee and Treacle.

First thoughts on the next chapter

Growing up in Penarth I have lived in the Vale of Glamorgan and surrounding areas most of my life. I first looked to move to the Waterfront back in 2015 as I was drawn to the facilities in plan and the community that was being built. Things being as they were, it didn’t work out and I moved to another area of the Vale. But when a new opportunity arose in 2021, I jumped at the chance and managed to buy a house down on the quayside of the South Quay.

When I investigated moving to the area I saw that BWCRA had been established. Having lived for a number of years in a development with a similar set up of a management company, I saw the benefits and support a collective voice of the community could have, so didn’t hesitate to join.

I have now lived on the South Quay for just over a year and love it here. I love being able to walk up and down the quayside with my partner and my dog. We love the water and being able to look out on it daily, as well as benefit from all the lovely walks and facilities so close by.

Whilst there are many great aspects to living on the Waterfront, I have also experienced some negative aspects too — anti social behaviour, retail units remaining empty, builders not completing areas to plan, the list could go on…

I have played a passive role in BWCRA for the first year living on the Waterfront. When minutes have come out or posts have been made on the community Facebook page, I have read them and seen some of the great ways BWCRA have been trying to support the community. But as a member I have never felt fully engaged or completely up to speed with BWCRA’s activities and achievements.

Attending the open meeting and AGM gave me a great overview of what BWCRA had been doing over the last few years and the achievements they had made. Things like challenging Remus’ costs; engaging with local officials on possible development projects to improve the area; trying to understand and educate the community on the structure of the management company and how it will impact us all; and the desire to drive more community projects.

I also listened to the outgoing Chair (Paul) highlighting it was time for a new chapter to start and drive BWCRA into the next stage of its journey.

Knowing they were in need of a new Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, I decided I would step up to support my community. Attending the AGM I was saddened to see they had not been able to fill any of the posts and were facing the prospect of dissolving the association. Whilst not my original intention, I decided to put my name forward and was elected Chair.

In the coming weeks and months I am looking to clarify BWCRA’s mission, and improve the way it communicates and engages with the wider community. I want to support peoples’ understanding of the value of BWCRA as an organisation and the value of membership so we can have a stronger collective voice that enables us to better support and improve our community.

We face a lot of uncertainty and risk coming up in the next few years: the developers will be walking away following completion of the development, the management company will need to be managed, the Mole is being targeted for regeneration and we are in a growing development that is already showing signs of struggling to support the community it already has in place.

I believe BWCRA can be:

  • Our support for our COMMUNITY. It can support your desires for social events, bring us together and support in making clubs and events successful.

  • Our collective voice to INFLUENCE. It can support us in negotiating, petitioning and support the challenges we face and working as one we are much more likely to succeed.

  • Our collective tool drive ACCOUNTABILITY. Working with the various authorities be they council, management company or other to support the reasons we all decided to call this home are not lost.


So finally, my call to all, is to consider membership. And if you have a community event you want to drive then reach out and see how we might be able to support you. Engage with us and help build our community for the long-term.

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