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Hi and welcome!

Updated: Jan 2

Welcome to BWCRA's new website.

For those of you that were not able to make the open meeting on the 17th August, we have updated and refreshed the look and feel of our website.

Our aim is to be clear with how we communicate with our members and the new website is one of our new tools in supporting that ambition.

Your feedback from the 2021 residents survey made it clear that you want more transparency and understanding of how BWCRA operates and what it is involved in. We have refreshed the website to support making it easier to understand key information that affects members.

Our focus areas.

BWCRA's mission is to support building Community, Accountability and Influence on our Waterfront. It is BWCRA's mission to represent all the paid-up members of the Association. However, our events and most meetings are open to all residents on the Waterfront and our successes in negotiating with / bringing influence to bear upon the developers, the management company and elected representatives at all levels benefit everyone in the area.

Thank you

Thanks for reading, if you have any feedback on the new ways in which we are communicating then please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

If you are not a BWCRA member please consider membership, details of membership can be found on our membership pages and you can join BWCRA for only £8 for the year.

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