Remus maintenance charges

Remus charges each resident an annual fee for the maintenance of the public open spaces and play areas that have been handed over to them by the developers. The charges run on a calendar year (January - December). BWCRA's executive committee have sight of both budgets and final accounts for each year before they are sent to residents. Residents pay at the start of the year for the year ahead.

What have we done so far?

The accounts for 2018, 2019 as well as the predictions for 2020 were scrutinised by BWCRA. A number of queries were raised to seek clarification / justifications of charges and a number of past and future charges were challenged.


As a result we have obtained refunds and reduced charges for all residents (members and non members) who paid for 2019 and 2020. If you think BWCRA's success in saving the Waterfront residents up to £100 each is a worth £10 of your money,  we would be delighted if you invested £10 of your savings in membership so we can continue to work of your behalf. Click here to join.

What we have achieved?
  • Remus are aware that residents expect value for money and transparency.

  • All residents liable for charges in 2019 should expect their bills to be reduced by an average of £60!

  • The anticipated charge for 2020 has been reduced from the original put forward by Remus.

What are we working on right now?
  • We are pressuring Remus to give everyone their copy of the final accounts for 2019.  Remus are still stalling blaming 'new IT systems' at their end and the 'Covid' shutdown. These excuses don't really add up

Areas covered by Remus

It should be obvious which areas of the Waterfront are the responsibility of the management company (Remus). However, it isn't. No one seems to have a definitive map that is in the public domain. Bearing in mind that without a map, it is impossible to hold Remus and the developers to account for the money that we pay as residents for maintenance on the development, an accurate map is essential.  While we understand that the areas change as the developers complete phases and hand control over to Remus, getting a copy of the definitive map is a priority.

What have we done so far?

We held a series of meetings with Remus in 2019 and 2020 and have repeatedly asked for a large-scale detailed map to be provided. They have not supplied one so it remains very unclear how they know where to carry out their work or who is responsible for what.

What we have achieved?
  • We have identified that there is no authoritative map in the public domain.

  • We have highlighted this to both Remus and the developers on numerous occasions.

What are we working on right now?
  • We are pressuring Remus and Whitehead Allan who are the Consortium's project managers for open spaces to do the decent thing and handover the maps so we can see if we are getting value for money.

  • We have escalated the matter to the very top of the companies involved our local MP and MS who are supporting our cause.

Remus fixed fees 

Another area of Remus' operation that gives cause for concern is the imposition of charges for late payments; preparation of sellers' packs and other situations such as change of mortgage details.

What we have done

We have written to Remus on this matter and are examining how Remus justifies the amount of each charge levied. We anticipate that we will be able to make these charges public, and post them on this website.

What we have achieved?
  • Remus are aware that the residents expect openness and transparency regarding these fees.

  • Remus have supplied a list of charges for 2020. We feel these are rather vague and something of a smokescreen.

What are we working on right now?
  • We are trying to get Remus to supply benchmarked charges from other companies so we can decide if they are reasonable or not.

In a nutshell
  1. ​Remus continue to be pretty unhelpful.

  2. They are continuing to avoid supplying the simple information that would let us judge the value for money you get from them.

  3. We have escalated our demands for cooperation and transparency as far as the directors of Remus, Taylor Wimpey, Persimmon Homes and Barrett Homes. Their response to date has failed to answer our questions in sufficient detail.

  4. We are considering where to go with our attempts to fight for residents' rights but are limited in our options due to our limited funds. Remus have stated that there would be 'more comfortable if BWCRA could demonstrate that it represented a majority of residents'. This would mean at least 51% of Waterfront residents need to join to give us the strength to fight on your behalf for a better future for the waterfront. To stand up and be counted you need to join - click here to become a member.

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